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The Rhea Heritage Preservation Foundation exists to celebrate the history, heritage and culture of Rhea County through diverse programs, exhibits and preservation of resources.

The Scopes Trial Festival

Celebrate With Us!

July 2025, Scopes Trial will be 100 years old!!! And Dayton Tennessee will be giving it the celebration it deserves. We at Rhea Heritage Preservation Foundation are making plans for the growth of the Scopes Festival today! Every year leading up to the big celebration we will be expanding the festival. We extend an invitation to all vendors to get in on the growth and the preparation for the Scopes Centennial Celebration.


This will be an international affair that will begin in March (when the Butler Act was made a law) and have activities every month ending with a huge festival weekend in July. The Centennial Committee will be working the next 3 years putting together activities for the law minded, the science geek, the history buff and the fun loving!


And of course, the Scopes Trial re-enactment will be an exciting, and entertaining part of the celebration. We always have people from across the country come to see the re-enactment on stage in the very courtroom used in 1925. However, this will be like no other year.


So make your plans for the 3rd weekend in July every year, starting this year. You’ll be glad you did!!! See our vendor application for your chance to get a spot with us this year.

Click here to reserve your tickets to the Scopes Trial Play today!
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