2022 is going to be a great year for Rhea Heritage Preservation Foundation and the events we produce. First of all, we will have Nokian Tyres Summer Nights in June instead of July. Every Friday night in June the Historic Rhea County Courthouse outdoor stage will come alive with some fantastic music for the public to enjoy free. yes , I said free! Just bring your chair or blanket and settle in under the 100 plus year old shade trees and relax.

A few food vendors will be available to serve up some outdoor food such as hotdogs, hamburgers, fries, nachos, ice cream,….well , you get the picture! No need to go home and fix supper, it’s here! No better way to enjoy an evening of food and music with your family and friends.

Ready to get dressed up and have a night out with other adults? June 18th is your opportunity. Get your flapper dress and your gangster suit ready to take you back to 1925. A cocktail supper that would make Gatsby himself proud. Show off your Charleston or Foxtrot on the dance floor while the Inman Jazz Band plays tunes of the time. Try Al Capones favorite cocktail or have a glass of champagne while you mingle with friends or have a picture made to remember your time in the 1920’s.

This is our annual fundraiser for the preservation of our Historic Courthouse and to help fund the 2025 Centennial Celebration in our hometown.

July 15, 16 and 17 the talented local cast will entertain at four performances of “Monkey in the Middle” in the courtroom where the Scopes evolution Trial took place in 1925 in the heat of a Tennessee July. You won’t have to experience the heat of the courtroom back then but you can be transported to the time that saw William Jennings Bryan and Clarence Darrow go head to head in a packed courtroom filled with excitement and emotion.

Feel the tension as John Thomas Scopes watches what was suppose to be a simple court case explode into a media circus broadcast around the world for the first time ever. You will come away with a new understanding of the events and a new appreciation for the history of our town.

Friday evening you can stretch your legs walking down Market street to see the beautiful cars at the Scopes Cruise In, then relax at Centennial Park while five singer/songwriters entertain. Have some food and check out the vendors.

The 34th annual Scopes Festival will keep the carnival feel of the occasion alive on Saturday as we expand our festival in 2022 to accommodate 3 entertainment stages. Enjoy Bluegrass music on the Courthouse stage, country/rock music on the centennial stage and dance, storytelling and taekwondo on the Market street stage.

2nd Ave will be teaming with food vendors while the courthouse lawn on the 2nd Ave side will have a variety of craft and resale vendors for your shopping pleasure. Demonstration crafters will be found in front of the courthouse and children’s activities will be all around the square.

Have you ever seen chicken races or tried your hand at catching a greased pig with a $50 bill tied to it’s neck? Here’s you chance!!!! Want to pet a piglet, lamb, calf or a cais (baby Alpacka or Llama)? We got you covered! After eating a nice cool piece of watermelon, how far can you spit a seed? Far enough to win a prize? let’s see!!

There will be something for everybody. The whole family will have a day to remember .

Have you wondered why we don’t have a gospel concert outdoors in the summer? Well, wonder no more. August 27th is Gospel Saturday. Starting at 11:00 am the singing will start and last until 7:30 pm. Local gospel singers will lift your spirits and feed your soul! A couple of food vendors will be there for your convenience throughout the day. Bring your chair and join us for a great day of gospel music. If this event is well attended, we will make it an annual event.

We did a Radio Theater performance in 2021 in the courtroom in conjunction with Pumpkin Fest. We plan to do this again in 2022. The production will be “War of the Worlds” I am very excited about this production. I have heard about it so much but have never experienced it. I think it will be fantastic.

In December, in conjunction with Christmas at the courthouse, we will do the radio Theater production again, “It’s a Wonderful Life” . It was well attended and got great reviews from those who gave us feedback. The sound effects in these productions is so good. No computer generated sounds, just man made sounds reminiscent of the Radio shows in the 40’s and 50’s.

Yes, we at Rhea Heritage Preservation Foundation, are pleased with the events we have planned for you this year. Come join us for fun, education and food.