A Word From Dan

A Word From Dan

The Scopes Festival will bring back one of its early reenactment presentations in 2022, under the direction of director with a particular love for stories about historical events.

The Scopes Trial: Monkey in the Middle, by Dayton playwright Gale Johnson, will be presented four times in the Rhea County Courthouse July 15 to 17. Tickets for the show are on sale online at www.rheaheritage.com.

Director Dan Buck comes to the festival with a love of theater and history. Dan just completed his 12th year a professor of theater at Lee University where he teaches and directs.  In addition to his Lee productions, he writes and performs all kinds of theater. “Monkey in the Middle” represents the 72nd work that he has directed, written, or performed in. 

Dan believes his love of history is rooted in his love of stories. Some of his past works have explored topics such as the Salem Witch Trials, the Civil War, artist Mark Rothko, and World War I veterans from his hometown, Cleveland, TN. 

Dan’s production company, Tiger Leap Productions is dedicated to “inciting joy and wonder” through podcasts, live productions, and events. 

Dan and his wife Rachel Anne love trivia and crosswords and have two adult boys in college. 

For more information about Monkey in the Middle and the Scopes Festival, visit the website, www.rheaheritage.com.